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Acme Plumbing has provided plumbing products and services to commercial and industrial clientsfor over a half a century! Whether it is a school, laundromat, restaurant or medical facility, our commercial plumbers have the expertise and experience to handle all of your plumbing and drainage needs regardless of your specialized equipment.

Our comprehensive range of services includes emergency response; preventative maintenance inspection, and the installation and repair of service piping for kitchen operations and bathroom facilities including sinks, drains, faucets, grease traps, sand interceptors, and sewer lines.

We will exceed your expectations.WE GUARANTEE IT!

Our commercial plumbing services include, but are not limited to: 

Commercial Fixtures  

Commercial Piping

Commercial Toilets

Floor Drain

Commercial Faucets

Industrial Piping

Commercial Water Heaters

Air Systems

Recirculation Systems

Commercial Drains

Sewage & Sump Pumps

Floor Sinks

Instant Hot Heaters

3-Compartment Sinks

Booster Pumps

Indirect Waste Systems

Maintenance Plans

Backflow Testing Repairs & Install

Our Maintenance Programs are Saving Down Time, Controlling Costs & Major Unforeseen Expenses for... Businesses, Private Schools, Government Facilities, Movie Theaters, H.O. Associations, Management Companies, Veterinary Offices, Medical & Dental Offices, Restaurants, Manufacturing Plants, and mobile home parks.

Ask About Our Commercial Maintenance Programs!!! We Can help You Put Together a Program to Keep Your Business or Facility up and Running! Such As... Drain Maintenance, Drinking Water Systems, Foul Odor Location

Proudly serving Prince Georges County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County and the surrounding areas.

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