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Slab Leaks:
A slab leak is a frightening discovery in your home. High water bills, dampness or heat pockets on floor, and shifting of the foundation can all be signs of a slab leak. 

Do your your water, gas, or electric bills seem to be higher than normal? 

Is there a warm or hot spot on the floor? 

Do any rooms have a musty smell?

Do any walls feel soft and damp?

Do you have water in places that are not pet related?

You more than likely have many questions such as, how did this happen? How can it be fixed? And how can I prevent this from occurring again?

After locating the leak the next step is to determine if it is feasible to do a slab leak repair, which requires removing a section of the concrete floor and digging down to the pipe and performing a copper pipe repair or polybutylene pipe repair (poly pipe repair) which is more generally referred to as a water line leak repair. 

This type of repair is not always the best solution since one failure can be a sign of more to come. In that case a slab leak repipe would cap off the failed line and a new line would be installed in the walls or ceiling. 

Replacing just the one line may be a mistake if there are indications of multiple water pipe failures or pin holing in the home or neighborhood. If the home has copper water lines, then a complete copper pipe replacement (copper repipe) would be advisable.

All the water lines would be replaced with cross linked polyethylene (PEX), a material which has a proven long term record of being resistant to aggressive water conditions.