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Do you think have water leak in your house or business? 

There are a few ways to detect a slab leak. One is to check if any water is leaking from up through the foundation or any settling has occurred. Your water, gas or electricity bills is another way people find out If there is a noticeable increase, you may have an undetected leak somewhere.

Generally speaking electronic leak detection is used for locating leaks on underground water lines. Leaks above the slab and under raised foundations (wood floors), are not discernable with conventional leak detecting equipment and are better and more economically dealt with by conventional means. 

Sewer and drain line leaks are best located with sewer cameras. To begin with it should be determined that there is a leak under a concrete floor, before initiating electronic leak detection. Signals are a hot spot on the floor, the sound of water running when all plumbing fixtures are not in use and water coming from someplace on the floor (ground floor), or at a low point on a wall (1st story). Hot water coming from a cold tap and a water heater that doesn’t shut off, or re-ignites quickly, are other signs. At that point one should check the water meter. If the needle is moving and no plumbing fixtures, or bibs, are in use, then there is definitely a leak somewhere. If the main shut-off valve is closed and the meter’s needle stops, it indicates that the leak is in the house (building). Otherwise it is occurring between the meter and the dwelling.

To perform the leak detection, the pipes are disconnected, usually at the water heater, and pressurized with nitrogen. This particular gas is excellent for making a “high-pitched” sound that is easily detected through a set of high-quality head phones using a sophisticated listening device. Once the highest decibel of sound is located, the leak is pin-pointed. Occasionally the sound will transfer through a channel of some kind, usually plastic pipe wrapping and the point of discovery may be a few inches or feet away, but we have experienced better than 95% accuracy with our electronic leak detection equipment.

If the home has deteriorating water lines, then a complete copper pipe replacement (copper repipe) may be neccesary. 

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